I find it hard to think what to code and what to make. Currently I'm joining a contest and I need to come up with something that would be beneficial to mainframers. I've joined IBM master the mainframe 2020.

Can you suggest me on what would be cool to make? They want something awesome. And I'm sorry for asking you guys to help me.

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you :)

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    Something that doesn't prop up IBM's regressive, shitbird business model would be ideal. They are objectively one of the absolute worst, most regressive companies on the planet.

    I'd advise bowing out of the contest and putting your efforts towards a company that doesn't pay most of its workers in India $2/hr. Be a part of the solution.
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    @SortOfTested damn, I'm surprised they are like that. I've spent weeks solving the challenges they have provided. I thought they were the good guys.
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    @ZenRant in what fairytale world have IBM ever been the good guys?
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    IBM buy out and kill off great companies for their own pleasure.

    It probably wouldn't be so bad if they integrated those companies into their own offerings but no... just flush them like a dead gold fish!
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    make something that was never done and even when you show them your work, they would be confused and can't do it unless you do it by yourself
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    Just don’t.

    IBM is terrible, basically everything they’ve ever done is terrible, most of their employees are miserable, and the aim of this challenge you’re attempting is only to give them free work.

    Take your talents and energy elsewhere.
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    Thank you for your comments, I'll take these in high consideration :)
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