40 minutes into trying to switch my Apple hbo account to my supposedly ‘free’ AT&T account... I hate Apple... fuck you... I hate ATT... I hate HBO... I don’t even really want to watch this stupid super hero movie... even if it might have an interesting political angle...

Oh. It worked. Never mind. Everything is fine. The dopamine covered up all of the anger and life can just keep on getting pushed a few inches a day until I slide off of the edge of the earth...

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    "Sorry our forms assume you're one type of person forever and couldn't ever go from one to another because that's like 2 layers deep thinking."
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    Dude... Torrents
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    Look on the bright side, with the SolarWinds hack the US may not be in control of its nuclear arsenal and we'll probably all die in the next 3 months from either 'rona or nuclear war.

    And NOBODY even noticed because we have the collective attention span of a methed out squirrel.

    Wonder Woman 1984 was 5/10.
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