Worst of 2020?

Well, I've learnt never to do free / voluntary work.

Been spending many weekends helping out a former friend, mostlyby creating APIs, sites, managing servers & scripting.

Now that I have a girlfriend, my weekends are spent mostly with her.

He got really mad, said he doesn't want to waste time.

Then went to *pay* someone else to continue what I've been doing...

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    Sounds as though it wasn't so much *his* time being wasted. :-(
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    Being too nice is not always appreciated, we have to learn to separate work from relationships/friendships.
    I know they’re your friends but it’s also your time & work...
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    you are mad of him because he pay to someone else and worked with you as free service. Isn't it?
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    @Goudarz a little bit, but that's on me.
    For being bad at value pricing my skills.

    It's more I feel like being used and betrayed.
    That's what makes me mad about it.

    But that's on me too, naive enough to do what I do professionally, for free and not even open source...
    So that's that.
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    however I understand your feeling cause i had similar experience.
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    One more lesson learned. Well done!
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    Feel you. Worst thing I had to learn is the need to constantly lower friends' expectations. There's always the guy with the smart idea wanting you to work for free, and you don't tell him to go f himself because you don't want to look rude
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    I find it rude for friends to expect such things from me. I do not have many friends because of it. If someone repeatedly comes and calls me because of his/her computer issues or knowledge needed for their work project, I stop answering the phone. I do a simple test before I start ignoring. I ask them for help on one of my project regarding a knowledge they claim to have. If I get a No/Can't response, that's it. Who needs such friends anyway.
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    @AtuM good strategy. Ask something unrelated back. That's the moment they vanish into thin air
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