Worst of 2020:

Seeing company get stuck in an organizational swamp. Devs tend to be reasonably good at working from home...

Management isn't. Meeting quality has gone down the drain, half of management thinks "if the boss can't see me why work at all?", the other half has constant calls with tiny working groups where nothing is final and everyone is left confused.

I'm convinced: Everything management is afraid of about allowing devs to work from home is based on projection of their own weaknesses.

They're not passionate enough to work without oversight. They might not be introverts, but extroverts are perfectly able to communicate poorly, especially when a few digital hurdles get in the way.

The average developer might actually be more attuned to the intricacies of emotionless text chats, and preventing disruptive elements in video calls.

Also, unless someone physically helps a manager to remove their head from their own ass once in a while, their "gut feelings" about the market and products are actually just amplified bias caused by their endless self-absorbed yelling into the echo chamber that is their stretched out rectum.

Holy motherfucking hell, have I seen some weird projects float by in 2020, pooped out by isolated product managers whose brain clearly has melted when they had to survive without office fruitbaskets and organizational post-it walls.

Yeah let's promote our international character, by giving away travels and hotel bookings, using pictures of happy hugging people in foreign countries... Great promo during a pandemic.

Or let's get "woke" and promote the "colored users" on our platforms, by training ML to categorize people by skin pigment (Apart from how illegal and ethically insane that is on multiple levels, about 85% of our users pick shit like anime characters and memes for their avatar).

Or how about we make a Microsoft Store app, even though the vast majority of our end users are students using cheap Android phones, older iPhones, Macbooks and Chromebooks.


Anyway, now that I have dressed up my Christmas tree with some manager intestines...

Best of 2020:

I got to play through my Steam backlog, work on hobby projects, and watch a lot of YouTube.

All this pandemic insanity has convinced me all the more that I want to work way more in Rust, and publish way more on open source projects.

I became maintainer/collaborator on a bunch of semi-prominent libraries & frameworks, and while no community is perfect, I enjoy my laid-back coffee-fueled debugging on those packages much more than listening to another crack addicted cocksucker in a suit explain their half-assed A/B test idea to me at 9AM.

So, 2021 will be me half-assing through the spaghetti at my official fuckfest of a job so I can keep filling my bank account — and investing way more time and effort into stuff I find truly engaging, into projects with a heart and a soul.

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    Rust is a language which combines the performance characteristics of low level languages like C/C++, with easy parallelism of Golang, with the memory safety of Java (no segfaults or overflows), the type safety of something like Haskell (no null pointer exceptions)— without the need for garbage collection.

    It's neither strictly object oriented nor functional, but uses elements from both.

    It was meant to be a modern language for desktop applications, most notably Firefox — the language originated at Mozilla.

    However, the language also excels for backend applications, especially in places where performance really matters.





    Because it's such a lean compiled language, it's also a really good precursor to webassembly.

    The drawback?

    Rust introduces some paradigm shifts regarding memory management, which takes some time to get used to. Also, because it's strictly typed, the compiler will throw a lot of small mistakes back in your face.
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    > politically correct

    > "Fuck yeah"

    Hmm I'd go with "Unless explicitly disallowed by applicable law or regulation which provides that the work of the ranter (including, but not limited to rants, rant-related comments and rant-related media) contains content which violates good morals or is not constitutionally protected, the consumer ("rantee") hereby voices provisional approval. All forms of approval may be retracted to render them retroactively null and void without prior notice, unless prior notice is explicitly required by law. Provisional approval does not indebt rantee in any form, nor does it make rantee liable to damages induced by tortius action of the ranter"
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    @AtuM Haha I'm just a guy who likes reading laws and user agreements, but I'm in no way qualified to write it up for realsies.
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