- i (almost)graduated and started working a field that i was passionate for with salary that i hoped to get and without getting much exploited. The best working environment of WFH is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

- my playstore apps got a decent number of users (5-6k+) and my articles also gained good views . i don't do these for money , but it feels good to be appreciated.

- i am learning a lots of concepts in computer sciences and tech . I hope to become more reliable and better dev in future

- this year started for me with the worst
work experience. I have ranted about this before, but to summarize, i was almost down to not pursuing technical career at the end of jan.

- did some wrong works as per my personal moral ethics ( worked as a dev in a cannabis company out of financial troubles)

- looked into a lot of techs (AI, web front end, web backend, data analysis,big data, etc) , but could not pursue them in deep

overall this has been the "wtf just happened" year for me and maybe for everyone else. I was already troubled about stuff like what is going to happen once i graduate, what would i do, how will i live, etc.. when the 2020 happened and twisted up any plans that i had . but whatever, this shit is over now (atleast the number has changed). whatever happens in 2021, am gonna go into it with a complete blank slate and plan accordingly

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