Rule of thumb when buying things. You need to research a lot and canvass other competitors of that product/service.

In short, I forgot to research pCloud's upload speed. They throttle my upload speed to 1Mbps only which is really slow (I'm in Asia by the way, their server is in US). Got tempted by their $350 2TB lifetime.

I tested the basic upload speed using browser 33.9MB file:
- pCloud 1 min 9 sec
- Dropbox 13 sec
- Google Drive 12 sec
- Mega.Nz 1 min 56 sec
- (I will test next sync.com)

I have a 100Mbps upload and 35 Mbps download speed. So it means "Lifetime" slow upload speed.

Side Question: Which Cloud backup service do you use and why? Thanks!

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