It's 2020 and our designer gives me instructions in pixels. "Make the button 40px". What else, how should I make this flint arrow?

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    If they keep asking you to design like that, I wish you luck in what will inevitably become media query hell
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    Truth. The most frustrating client I've had to work with in the last decade had the one Indian guy they'd brought on staff and his answer to everything was "it's just another media query."

    Fuck that guy.
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    I just tend to ignore that and do it my way anyway. I know that for the company it would be easier to replace the designer than me, so gotta use the privilege where it's due.
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    Would you prefer pt ?
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    @sheriffderek at least % but at best vh vw vmin vmax.

    CSS Viewport units
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    @heyheni I would assume a button would be width:100% because it’s like my set as block. And then have a max-width: 240px or something and positioning by the parent.
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    @heyheni I can’t imagine using any of those units in this case / but I’ll have to try it out. My mindset is to let the content decide - and not only the context.
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    Yeah... everybody loves those buttons where the text doesn’t fit in after it’s localized. 40px? Looks perfect with that specific language and that specific text scale! Ship it!

    [ Änderungen überne]
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    @Lensflare - we’ll, I’m not saying a button should be 40px wide. (Everything tappable should be a min of 44x44px) - but certainly not 3vw either. The text in the button should decide. — oh! Though your comment was directed at me for some reason. Haha.
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    @sheriffderek yeah exactly. The button should grow according to the content/text.
    Or be big enough for any content/text if dynamic size is not viable.
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    I would make them a NON RESPONSIVE website that was pixel perfect.

    Then when they want it responsive insist on EXACT pixel perfect designs for each size they want.

    You have to punish stupid, or it stays stupid.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi that might backfire. They will give what you asked for. 😅
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    @Lensflare And I will bill them for each iteration.

    Of course, they will soon realize the "Tablet" and "Mobile" designs they gave me ALSO don't work very well when kept "Pixel Perfect".

    At which time I will request they either submit "intermediary" designs for sizes between Tablet and Mobile... or ask them to admit that "pixel perfect" fucking died like 15 years ago and as web designers they should have god damn well known that and to kindly shut the fuck up so I can do my job.
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