oh goddammit php what the fuck

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    fuck it
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    Its commented out thats why it didnt work
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    @zemaitis it's NOW commented out BECAUSE it didn't work. i reached the almighty state of "fuck it"
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    You can test for the version or test for the presence of the constant or just give in to becoming an ignorant slave of the SJW folks and become a DB_REPLICA.
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    and so it begins -_-
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    I think the error says that since the constant is not defined it defaults to a string with the constants name in it.

    That can be a good thing since it could mean the constant name shows up in errors or messages in other places where the constant is used.

    And in case its just a button name it might even be usable like BT_YES.

    It will still convey the meaning, just not using the right word.
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    @hjk101 @Voxera it's not even my extension, this is a release of Bad Behavior, a fairly common spam mitigation extension.
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    @Parzi it's no longer maintained; last update was in July 2016. Not surprised that it's not SJW proof. Is look for a different solution of I where you.
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    @hjk101 there's either this or DNSBLs, and i'd like to use both.
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    The code looks quite oldschool, if I may add an unneeded comment.
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