Bought new laptop, in stock.
Eta: 10. Dec
28. Dec comes and order has not shipped.
Ask support whats up. Their answer was, that they have supplier issues for an in stock item?!??!

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    * ordered new laptop

    Whether you bought it is another question obviously.
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    Drop shipping from 3rd party warehouse counts as in stock 😉

    Sadly, what is classed as "in stock" and what is actually "in stock" are two different things.
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    I had to wait for two and a half months to get my laptop. However, one and a half had been announced from the beginning.

    It looks like also 2021 will see quite some hardware supply chain problems.
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    @C0D4 can confirm. I purchased something online the other day, it was in stock on the website but the day after I got an email they would refund me because it won't be back in stock until March :( i guess some sites also don't have proper updates of how much is in stock so multiple people could be buying it at the same time, leading to this mess 😅
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    @Elyz real time stock is hard, especially when the inventory is in another system several aggregated APis away 😏

    But I'm saying that, some company's don't even have that, and everything is just in stock until it's not.
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    @C0D4 I suspect the latter here. It is not the kind of shop to have implemented their own software, it's most definitely something they bought from somewhere else 😅
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    Just In time Stock Control...

    I'm reminded though of a fan I wanted, checked online, in stock @ store XYZ it said.

    So, travelled to store..

    Out of stock..

    When I asked ?

    "Oh yesterday!" was the answer..

    Central database doesn't update straight away, only happens at the end of the work day..

    So, if you want anything, you have to ring the store direct to find out if they really have it in stock or not..

    Then proceeded to visit every store within 500 mile range, all out of stock..

    Got a different fan instead, not quite so good..

    They didn't do a delivery option !
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    Talking of stock reminds me of supermarkets.

    Here, their stock control system is shit.

    For example:

    12 bottles of wine on the shelf yesterday, 11 today, someone buys 10 bottles, leaving one on the shelf, and its Friday..

    Stock control system doesn't order any more until that last bottle is actually sold on Saturday morning, and of course, no more stock arrives until Monday..

    By which time, you have missed a boat load of sales !

    Same thing happens in another supermarket every Friday, they run out of sandwiches.

    Can't a stock control system predict that every Friday order more..

    It's not rocket science, is it !

    And, should that one bottle of wine get broken, well, its stuck in the stock control system as still existing, so they can't order more !

    What, no one thought of that issue !

    No problem, just get a manager to buy it, then issue a refund to themselves, and its gone from active stock !
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    @C0D4 Astrologers say next year will be better than this one))
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    Had it once with a battery of an old laptop that I needed to replace. On Amazon the seller said it was in stock (very surprising, since that particular battery is extremely obscure and 16 years old now). Unsurprisingly they sent me an apology via email and said they couldn't get the item anymore either. Got refunded, yada yada... Stocks are hard to keep in check I guess.
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    @Condor It happens not like that)
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    @keithrooney Astrologers better hold their horses for now. At least I know I will.
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    @C0D4 Ran a drop ship electronics website from like '05 to -08 when the market crashed.

    This is the correct answer.

    Literally EVERYTHING is now essentially a circular drop ship operation.
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    @C0D4 Thats actually not the case here. Its a local online electronics store.
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