Got a role change to automation engineer, which is sort of a 'just fix problems' position, like with tooling, get rid of manual work, remove as many spreadsheet as we can.
I started looking into rust.

People think we depend heavily in javascript because our products are extensions, our golden product is an extension, so a few members of my team insist in depending in our core team and use their javascript stuff, even for string parsing, even if we do have a python package that does rhe same thing that is officially maintained too.
I refuse.

The good again:
My boss let's me refuse, I am not forced into javascript, they let me use whatever I want as long as it is reasonable.

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    2021 is the year I write a PRO website with JS as its backend, and PHP echoing inline styles as its front end because fuck everything.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi do you want ti be hunt down and slapped?
    Because that id what you do to get hunt down and slapped
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