Worst: Spending a week in npm, node, react hell trying to triage a ReactNative iOS/Android app that even the OG dev couldn't fix and FAILING.

This is the only code in like 20 fuckin years that beat me.

Best: Watching the fall of western democracy with a giant shit eating "I told you so" grin.

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    Pretty sure greek philosophy beat you to the "I told you so" by ~2200 years. 😉
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    @SortOfTested Yeah, but the greeks whole argument was that voting was a "skill", and that democracies would still be strong so long as the populace was skilled enough to vote for their best interests.

    [Looks around]

    Yep, it's turtles all the way down, we're fucked.
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    Plato and Socrates felt that democracy was simply the result of the inevitable decay of "just" governments into their least just state (tyranny). They felt the most effective and just form of government was a hereditary benevolent dictatorship that was bred and trained to rule without a concept of greed or individual autonomy, nor wealth of its own.

    The tldr is that a society focused on its own wealth and obsessed with its own freedom can only be purely unjust.

    Re: plato's five regimes of "The Republic."
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Actually, the constitution circle of rise and decay with transition between the different forms was presented by Polybius 2200 years ago.
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    @Fast-Nop Do you know who you always remind me of?
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    @gibus As long as this makes you also consider the implications when someone carries a boot knife like Dwight, that's not the worst thing. ^^
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