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    Hmm i dont like mono repos for frontend and backend. It is such a hassle.
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    Such a bullshit idea, just because Google does itπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    It goes complete against the idea of splitting your project into small manageable chunks

    I don't get it, singles source of truth. What truth, that you don't understand that front- and backend don't have synchronized update cycle

    But please convince me
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    I took one look at monorepos, thought about how retarded some people are and immediately let that idea go.
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    Give me some solid arguments against it.

    Been working in a team for 5 years building multiple sites. My colleagues are now thinking it would be nice to put em all in a monorepo to make it easier to use shared components.
    Previously we've tried using npm packages with common-styles and common-scripts we hated it as it was such a hassle to do version bumping and have PR:s in repo1 that depended on repo2 being bumped etc.

    Personally I don't feel like project separation is hugely important or anything like that but I'm mostly against it cause I feel like GitHub was built to have one project per repo and feel like my day-to-day work with PR:s etc would be slowed down if we used a mono-repo and had to filter out the projects we were interested in.
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    I agree that the idea of "uniting developers" by introducing a mono-repo is truly silly.

    If your projects are still separate entities with separate startup scripts and dependencies - putting them all into the same repo doesn't make any difference compared to having them all separate. A folder in a repo can be just as excluding as a separate repo.
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    We’re going to a mono repo now 😟
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