I'm starting a project from scratch using Node MySQL Angular stack api based. Which hosting is best for handling file uploads? Vultr, Digital Ocean, Heroku or Linode? This is for a startup so AWS, Azure and GCP may not be an option for now. Maybe in the future but for now I want simple pricing.

What hosting can you recommend to me? Thanks!

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    Kind of an odd stack but it’ll work.

    I’d get an EC2 t2.micro on AWS. And single box all of it. Do the installs yourself via SSH, it’s a learning experience.

    Should be plenty for your needs and is well into the free tier.

    Full disclosure: the amount of RAM is so low if you SSH, and connect VSCode and MySQL workbench remotely simultaneously you may crash.

    Set up an Elastic IP address, also free, so reboots to fix these crashes aren’t a hassle.

    If you MUST spend money, a Bluehost VPS for $50/mo will handle this AND Your next 20 projects.
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    I think it’s really important whether you wanted a terminal. You could fully control a digital ocean droplet while have a cheap price. If you don’t really care about that and just wanted to test for the time being, go with heroku maybe? It have a pretty comfortable free plan(better if you add a credit card). It’s also much simpler to setup and less to worry. Also, what type of database/file sys are you looking into?
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    Heroku deletes file uploads

    It’s an imperial file system I believe
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