I hate React Hooks. Jesus Christ, what the fuck was wrong with using states and components?? It’s like an entirely new fucking framework in itself.

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    Because people are so stupid that they always fuck it up and make everything slow

    Hooks are less susceptible for it
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    Hooks once you learn how to use them are excellent.

    Its just like any new tech, you need to understand how they work.

    And having used at least 4 other ways hooks and mobx are my top favorites.
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    Aye. I think I’ve hit the anger phase of my React learning. I’m a backend guy as my trade so my front end education ended but here we go. @bagfox
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    Adding my two cents here, Hooks are a trade-off. If you fell for React in the old days of classes and shit, without re-learning it from scratch, you will never get any benefits from it because of the mindset you're focused on.

    Some could say Hooks are kind of super shiny syntax diabetes, but IMHO, it mostly help new developers to properly decouple logic from presentation layer.
    Even if I'm myself a React fan boy, I must recognize that giant outdated monolithic repository of hell scare me as duck, and oooooh boy, I came across those so many times.

    One could agree that React's not a silver bullet, but a proper 4h relearning will give you the proper gun to make the most of it !
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    I only know the mere surface level basics of React but I'm following how it develops.

    @Lonchampt your post was so well worded, made my LOL
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    @Lonchampt well, we are in the it business, if your not prepared to learn new stuff every year or mor often you should maybe go for cobol, or another line of work ;)
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    @Voxera Yeah, that's absolutely right !
    Despite that, I'm not sure that following the trends make myself a good developer.
    I've been in the industry for a little longer than 5 years now, and as far as I can tell, JS is here to stay.
    But do not mistake me for a fool, I'm quite sure that if I was ten years older, I will be convinced to the bottom of my heart that PHP is here to stay.
    Twenty years older, and I will put my life on the line for Java, etc..
    Like scientists, developers stands on paradigm. Even if we massively adopt one with all the good reasons in the world, we may get flawed by some lack of objectivity.

    <quote>PHP is thrash btw 🦁</quote>
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    @jiraTicket Not sure if that's irony or not haha
    I'm not a native speaker (I know, that's okay), but still, my written English is a mixed mess of technical terms, old books and french literal translations.
    I usually feel like my turn of phrase really lack of natural and/or get too much things lost in translation, which make it quite absurd sometimes

    But hey, I've been around DevRant for three years now and I never really interacted with any online community, I think it's time to say hello !

    I will make my presentation post in early 2021, stay wired for more of that frenglish 🥖
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    @Lonchampt I have been in the business since 1986 professionally and as a hobby since 1980 and I know all of them will stay, but there will also come new ones. But I have switched languages a few times.

    But currently C# and typescript are my favorites.
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