is it a good idea to structure the experiencr section of a resume like so?

* experience (any tech or knowhow by keyword along with amount of time used)

* familiar (used once or twice in the past.)

* encountered (did a tutorial once, or fixed a bug someone had, or did initial project setup using it)

"Encountered" basically is what people usually use the experience section for: keyword stuffing, and gaming the hiring system.

"Familiar" is used for anything you can honestly say you used at some point, or something you found wasnt too difficult despite being new.

And "experienced" is anything you've used the longest relative to everything else, or what you use on a daily basis.

yea or nay? how do you all structure resumes? what do you do different fron standard resumes, if at all?

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    I would say to list them without too much details and include a portfolio.

    That way it's easy to see if it skills match and if they match to check if they are at the desired level
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