So...lonely me decides to train AI with my ex's chats.... enough said. Happy new year πŸ™‚

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    You can waste your time on making it and be disappointed after a long time. Maybe it'll help you. But if your conversations with your ex were shallow enough for an AI to imitate them correctly, you're certainly better off without them.
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    Interesting idea to resurrect former partners !

    Though I'm not sure when it gets to the part where she says:

    "I've ran off with a rich TV producer!"..

    Or the part where they want to talk about themselves, but never really listen to what you are saying..

    "Oh yes, that's nice dear, do tell me more about your stamp collection.."
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    This reminds me of that black mirror episode called "be right back"
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    If you want a preview, look for "Poppy" on youtube.
    She is human - but her voice and texts are very "AI-like".
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    I'd just double check to remove the chat moments where someone dumped the other
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    @homo-lorens yup I have wasted a night. Single response is good. Following up the conversation, shit. But I had fun
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    That's completely realistic gg
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    Depressing but as NLP dev I find it exciting nonetheless. What are you using to build the model?
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