How do you guys keep calm during stressful situations?

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    Try to prioritize what to work on and identify worst cases.

    If some things have worst cases that you feel you can live with that is things you can ignore for now.

    And do try to use any help you can get to offload things that other might be able to do good enough.

    I also try to remind my self that going into panic will not solve or help anything.

    If there is to little time something has to give and the sooner one decides what the more time you have for that which yo decide is most important.
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    I think each situation is different. But maybe, for all these situations, we always need to look at the situation trying to understand how we got here, what we can do now, accept that things may not work as expected and that is okay, sometimes it's not our mistake and sometimes it is, but it doesn't matter, we can only learn from it and move on.
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    Depending on the gravity, it's usually one or a mix of:
    - Meditation
    - Sophrology techniques
    - Listening to music
    - Taking a step back and looking at myself and the situation from a 3rd person perspective
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    Panic later. Do shit now. One issue at a time.
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    step back and reflect
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    Who says we keep calm?
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    By chanting my inner words of power (which are in Mexican Spanish): "Todo esto, y todos estos pendejos me la pelan"

    Which can be loosely translated to "This and every moron involved in this situation is beneath me"

    You have to believe that you are the shit and you will get around whatever issue you are having. BELIEVE DAMMIT
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    Calm? Not calm...usually excited...also at times driven by a maddening will to figure it out to the end. Everything's critical? Everything's priority? Do the easy ones like less than an hour or two to finish.

    Delegate! Each one in your group would likely have specialist or enthusiast that can help you. Try to ask most people are kind enough to help.

    Finish before the weekend and don't work on a weekend. You can either let stress break you or not. Just stop thinking about your stressor for some periods even if just an hour or 15 mins. And more importantly get enough sleep.
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    By telling myself that panicking will not make the situation less stressful.

    Unless the situation is you being chased by a wild animal that can kill you, in which case I’ll take the adrenaline.

    But in a work situation, if I’m already doing my best, I keep it up. If I’m slacking and can make a change, I do it. But It’s something I’ve had to learn with time.
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    Break things apart, literally and figuratively, everything but your word
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    To sum up what everyone said:

    Handle stressful situations like code smells or rotten codebases; refactor, simplify, delegate to 3rd parties, ... o/
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