Websites which tell you to use Ctrl + F in a mobile browser...

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    @olback I think you didn’t get the point.
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    ? When does that happen?

    I use command+f all the time to search pages, but never had a page suggest it.
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    @sheriffderek oh!!!! Hahah... ‘mobile’ browser. I see your point!
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    Ctrl+F works fine in some mobile browsers
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    @electrineer which ones? Black berry? I don’t have a control. Either way, I’m sure it’s an oversight in UI and not just a fluke.
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    @electrineer I‘d like to see your Ctrl key on your mobile device please ^^

    I know, you can connect to physical keyboards but who does that with a browser? Yes. No one.

    And those websites not only ignore mobile users. They also ignore mac users. In fact, they are just assuming that there is only windows. Quite funny for a website.

    I’ve had two instances of such ignorance in website projects I was involved in. They treated me like I was nit picky and ignored that.

    Today I found an example in the web by accident.

    This is just sad, IMHO.
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    @sheriffderek @Lensflare I tried by plugging a keyboard in as you suggested. Same way you could use a non-mobile browser without a keyboard, so showing that advice for mobile browsers isn't the real issue here (as you pointed out).
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    @electrineer The advice to use Ctrl + F is most certainly hardcoded. And it makes no sense for mobile devices, because almost no one is using a hardware keyboard for web browsing in mobile. And even if people were using hardware keyboards, it wouldn't be clear what Ctrl means on or works for iOS for example.

    Maybe I am nitpicky here but I think the website should tell the user to use the browser search function and not to press a particular combination of keys. Maybe the keys should be shown as an example.
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