I am considering which CS elective to register for this coming semester, and I am not happy with many of the choices. Basically, I can choose between Android programming, a web programming class in the grad school, and maybe Linear Algebra for CS majors class. I am trying to figure out what is worthwhile to take in college, and what I can learn on my own. Advisor thinks I should take a web class, because it's important to know, but I am not too into web and I feel like I can just learn that on my own. I would rather take a class that will help me understand how things work, rather than just how to use a specific technology. What do you guys think?

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    Linear Algebra
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    Depends on what’s taught, professor quality and what you’ll be doing in those classes. Linear algebra is vectors and matrices of course but im not sure how much time you’ll spend building projects in the web or android classes. The more the better lol
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    All i can say is dont go into android. It sucks. Hard. And what you learn from android would be harder to apply outside of android.
    Linear algebra if you are interested in ai/data science / games/ math in general.
    Web would be most practical. Concepts you learn for one framework can be easily applied to another language/framework.
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    Android is total bullshit, Web dev you already said is boring and you can learn on your own so I would go with linear algebra. When you get further into you CS studies you will want to advance your machine learning knowledge and to do so you need to know a shit ton of math.
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