Happy new year everyone. Dear 2021 surprise us in a good way!

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    Covid21 provides immunity to Covid19! New mandatory vaccine released in record time! Side effects may include coughs and aches and death!
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    @Root "Side effects may include coughs and aches and death!"

    For me personally its one of these thing i am more scared of than corona itsself. Usually in Europe (i dont know how/the states has same rules) we have rules for when a vaccine can be released to prevent critical Side effects / to having a standard for our vaccines.

    Rushing out things and expecting no down sides to it is idiocy in my opinion. (There is a reason to we have high requirements for vaccines, before they can be released to the public)

    And no I am not an anti-vaxxer far from it. But people should at least have some standards for vaccines, so it doesnt end up like buggy software thats getting released everywere.

    Dont get me started with all the aftermath corona it will leave us with. 2020 was just the beginning of a series of shitty years to come.
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    @Frederick Fucking agreed.
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    @Root haha! I mean 2021 was the solution to all our problems after all!
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    @Frederick gaddem! Now I’m scared
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