It gets so annoying when people confuse front-end developers with web designers. Why do people expect a front-end developer to come up with a badass design by themselves?
I got kicked out of a hackathon team just because the design wasn't "good enough". And that too after I had spent almost a week on the web application. My eyes were literally red because of so much screen exposure. What do they expect me to do? Do a course on designing in the span of 1 hour and come up with a beautiful design for the application?
And i couldn't even just rant all of this out on them cause they're older than me. Thank god for the existence of this platform(and also thanks to the developers)

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    Yup, that’s relatable
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    There’s also that logic shortcut most people take:

    Girl? -> artist/designer
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    Age doesn't matter here. Rant 'em into the ground!
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    @Root if i had a penny for every time I was assigned GUI design responsibility despite my protests in projects because "huehue you're a girl you must love designing" I wouldn't need a career anymore, I'd be set for life 🙄
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    @Root Not to fuel stereotypes, but I think that society (atleast my third world one) raises women with much more attention to "look and feel" than men.

    In the univ we had to make a group presentation to pass a paper (25% weightage). I got a 5 member all boys team, jotted down the facts, and were ready. 2 days before the test, the prof assigned two girls to our team, and asked us to let them add something and "manage together". Since we had everything ready, we asked them to just prepare for demonstration. (Memorise the key points, etc)

    Overnight those two women changed the look of the presentation, and I ended up with a 10/10 in the stupid paper (meaning we got really good score in that 25%). I'd have gotten atleast an 8 without those changes, but the extra didn't hurt.

    Since then I firmly believe that the perspective of different people can dramatically change things.

    Problem arises when people start assigning roles based on dumb stuff and offloads tasks to reluctant people.
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    @sudo-compile Yes, society definitely raises and treats women differently, and pushes us towards teaching, nursing/veterinary, retail, and art. But that doesn’t mean we’re better at these, or even enjoy them.
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    I think you got confused about it. From your rant looks that you are not front end developer but front end engineer. Since developer does both engineering and design.
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    I think nowadays at least in UK you can be what you want.
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