Substantive post / question time!

So I'm working on this project that isn't a disaster but very much suffered from a lack of planning (both on my part and others).

This is a feature that involves all sorts of ways to view and manipulate some records and various records and so forth... I mean what isn't that really?

I think everyone tried but we didn't realize how many details there would be and how much we would need to (well I demand we do) share code across pieces and how that would slow us up when we realize feature A needs to do X, Y, Z and ... well obviously that means feature B has to also...

I'm not really upset about this, it's progressing and I'm learning. I'm writing it all now so it's under control, but...

I want to be able to display, visually where we are as far as each component of this project

- Component A
- Description:
- Component A does things you don't want to.
- Has features:
- Can blow up things in a good way.
- Produces flowers and honey on demand
- Missing features:
- Doesn't take out the trash.

And so on for component B, C, D, Z.

Right now I'm just using a plain old document file to write up a status / progress type thing now.

We use Teamwork to manage tasks, but I kinda hate it. It's similar to the above example in being able to bust out lists... but they're not connected in any way. All the details are lost on these bullet items as they're limited to one line when you look at everything ....

It's the classic case of a tool that shows lists ... but doesn't promote or allow for showing any connections between them...

And really the problem with this project is that we built little bits and features here, and little bits there from the outside in and ... really we should have built it from the top down where we had to face a lot of questions earlier.

Anyway does anyone know of anything that has project type management / status / progress stuff that is VISUALLY helpful .. not just a bunch of lists and progress bars?

I know I didn't word this well but I'm open to even wrong answers....

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    There's plenty of tools that can help you out.
    From what I can tell, you have your shopping list of things that need to be done and just need to structure it.

    The most visually helpful is generally a Gantt Chart.
    There's a few free tools to create Gantt charts. I use MS Project which is not free, but most follow the same process.

    1. Define project requirements in a separate document
    2. Create a work breakdown structure in your software
    3. Assign predecessors and successors
    4. Estimate times
    5. Track your progress
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    @gibus Thank you.

    I've not had much luck with gantt charts outside high level task stuff in my experience.

    They still just feel like ... lists.
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