That feeling of wanting to walk away from coding forever and not having a single thing to do with it ever again, but also having nothing else you can do and a powerful need to eat and have shelter.

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    Solution for me: Save more than enough “fuck you money” to be able to say no when it comes to undesired tasks. I have said no to software test task, mandatory overtimes, even sometimes came late to job when there were nothing to do. Thinking on early retirement.
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    Is it your job you hate or coding itself?
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    @aviophile ah yes pursuing FIRE. Me too!
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    Get out of my head.
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    @gibus I’ve never been very good at coding. I do it up to where I get stuck and then I hire a freelancer to help with the rest. Most of what I do involves non-coding management of websites, content, design, etc. Very little original coding. But when I do have to do it, I hate it.
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    @stackodev What would you do instead?
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    @gibus I kinda want to get into literally anything space-related. That was what I began in at the outset but life had other plans. I’d even be a janitor at SpaceX if they’re hiring one.
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    Am I weird for not having this feeling at all? Is it just because I'm a Ruby developer?
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