If you have software in production please have some way for a user to find some contact email (create for this reason only if needed.)

I have run into crippling bugs in huge essential systems (state dmv new system, the ticket system utility marking) which they were oblivious to until I went out of my way, like a stalker to get some contact of someone remotely related to someone I could drop this info in the lap of, and so far it was a total shock to them (the dmv system was taken offline for 3 days to resolve)

I get not wanting to run a helpdesk to support users, but give technical users some contact info ( even if you think you have full coverage analytics because, being software, it may have a bug)


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    Absolutely agree. Some websites provide chat bots which only provide standard (useless) responses and there's no way to reach a Human. This is getting more like IVR-based support systems
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    This is especially needed for open-source projects!
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    Yeah, I wish there was a way of telling the windows help developers that their feature is a bug in itself
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