Updated a website for an older client today. Realized I originally wrote their website in 2002.

That web site is a fucking non-responsive piece of shit... but it is still running normally after 18 years.

Just HTML/CSS and some light JS/PHP for form processing. It's not fancy but it still performs and works perfect on Desktop and OK on mobile. Mobile devices which DID NOT EXIST when I wrote it.

Let this be a lesson to the entire new class of developers who seems to think you need some framework to develop. You don't. And I GUARANTEE if that site used any framework that framework would have been retired or updated to un-useability 10 years ago.

Meanwhile my LAMP ass "web native" shit spaghetti with ZERO DEPENDENCIES is still just chugging the fuck along.

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    Your non-responsive mostly static website can be like that. Not every case is the same. People use frameworks for more sophisticated websites. It is a risk they gladly take.
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    @aviophile Static websites can be fully responsive.

    Actually, HTML with no CSS at all has always been responsive by default (if super ugly). It's devs who break that with their CSS.
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    PHP? Lol amateur, I wrote a telnet service in C about 45 years ago and it's still running, why do new programmer need all those fancy high-level frameworks and languages, I'll never get it.
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    @ostream omg did you write the endpoint in
    telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
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