My company laptop is windows so while working there it auto restarted out of nowhere while I was working and in the verge of something. Fck windows!

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    Mate, if your company doesn't know how to configure a laptop, that's on them.
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    And you are restricted from configuring it yourself as well... Bug the IT until they fix it or until they are dead.
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    I'm no snitch, but @netikras said it was your fault
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    No more popcorn for this guy (@Jilano). The kid's already tripping on sugar
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    @netikras Oooh...! So that's what that white thingy was! It does make sense
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    You can't blame windows for something not configured by the company, or worse, infected by a worm/virus. Let me ask you if linux or osx do the same you would scream again for such behavior?
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    @dIREsTRAITS I would. Always get fucking insane when stuff doesn't work line or should. Libre office did a number on me this week. Normally I only use it for CSV but this time I needed some rich text editing.
    So hitting tab in front of the first heading 1 indents all headings and you can't undo that unless you undo it to the first. Wtf is that fucking bullshit. I hate editing tools that get in the way.

    If Linux does that fuck Linux. I still find maintaining a Linux system a walk in the park compared to Windows and have been admin on that since 3.11. You simply cannot keep your system up to date and secure without 3rd party software (assuming one actually has software or driver's installed that is not from MS)
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