Make the development environment, the code base and the documentation cleaner for the new hires.

My predecessors copied whole repos without clean-up and doc and let me figure out what was working or not. They just 'made' it work. The CI process, if you can call it that, is unstable and overengineered as hell.

I don't want new hires to feel the same dread I did trying to repair other people's stack of mistakes.

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    Less be honest, in this profession the new hires will probably not be competent enough to see such mistakes, so why bother?
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    @craig939393 even if I agreed with your statement - which I don't - there's another reason: better processes and documentation pay off in the long run and help keep things manageable and efficient. A well engineered codebase and docs should be the real goal and it'll automatically make sense to new people too.
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