So do you still believe in Santa and trunk-based development?

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    Trunk workflow is for people who don't understand how a VCS works
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    In the context that both are metaphors, yes.
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    Trunk-based development with feature branches works pretty good - especially in GIT with its rebase command.
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    @Oktokolo Isn't the idea behind trunk that you don't use branches? 🤔 How does it differ from normal workflow otherwise
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    To me it indeed looked like "trunk-based development" would just be a new word for the normal most basic GIT workflow.

    I never heared abaout trunk-based development before and the first hit was https://trunkbaseddevelopment.com/ .
    There the scaling version contains short-lived feature branches, which is exactly what we use for our small team. So i assumed it was just a new word for either only using the main branch - or using feature branches.
    I assumed the main point to be about not having release branches (which you really don't need if the software is a web site).

    So is trunk-based development not what most web devs do since GIT force-pushed version control to the next level?
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