I really do wonder at what point the previous developer on this project thought 800 line functions are totally reasonable and standard practice...

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    Maybe after business changed their mind 80 times.
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    @vane sadly I wish that was the case. This however is in javascript, and about 350 lines of it are drawing the instructions on this page in. Yeah instead of just using static elements with HTML they decided to dynamically drawing this stuff on a canvas and put that on the DOM.
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    Only 800? Consider yourself lucky.

    We have a 32K line VB file. Give me an 800 line function any day over that mess.
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    Maybe it was shortly after they handed their notice in
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    Seems like he loves spaghetti not only as a meal.
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    That is what happens when you follow the no-more-than-one-screen rule - on an 8k in portrait orientation...
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    I am refactoring a project that was started in 2007 in Code Ignitor 2...

    By hand...

    Line by painstaking line.

    Theres enough complex math that I have to read and understand each line, but enough deprecations and bad practices that I pretty much have to rewrite everything.

    But it's rona and I've got a job, so meh, I'll take it.
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