I'm a lazy piece of shit that feels backend code is more important than frontend code (it kinda is though...). But this resulted in me using bootstrap and jQuery in just about every project so I did not have to put effort into it. So this year, I'll ditch them. They've served me well, but they are so bloated and also fuck up your HTML. Removing bootstrap and jQuery for existing projects is gonna be a pain, but I'll try...

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    Nothing wrong with bootstrap or another css framework.

    Learning more is admirable, but css frameworks and exist for good reasons.
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    @N00bPancakes Was about to say that. I am also against the idea of removing jquery for the sake of doing so cuz a bunch of elitist tards on the internet told me to do so etc
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    @N00bPancakes, I'ts not wrong per se, and I am grateful to have used both bootstrap and jQuery. Also I feel both have helped create further improvements in newer versions of CSS and JS, so good job. However, nowadays both are overkill. You can just use modern JS and CSS and transpile your code for older browsers. It keeps your app smaller, it makes your HTML cleaner and you'll learn some frontend development in the process.
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    Also, having fewer dependencies is a good thing.
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    Kinda a loaded phrase there.
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    @N00bPancakes you're not going to use all classes or functions from bootstrap or jQuery are you? So yeah, overkill.
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    @koes ehhhhh

    Let's say I don't use a few css classes... what would you say the actual cost is?
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