I want to learn C++. I know C#, Java and Ruby. Should I go Directly, or there is some sort of path?

How long it takes to master it? I am a quick learner, I catch things a lot faster.

What impact it has on my skills?

Is it really a nightmare to learn?

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    Just do what you do in C# but substitute brackets for everything.
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    Get a book. Also, you will never fully master C++ unless you read and understand the entire specification, which costs money and nobody ever really does unless you're on the board or your job requires it (e.g. compiler writer). Don't try. Just try to find a set of good patterns.

    Also, C++14 is beginning to get "old". Learn it or a newer standard. Never older than C++11.

    Start simple. Don't worry about templates until later. They're confusing to newcomers.

    I would actually recommend learning C first because you'll appreciate what C++ does for you a bit more. It'll also teach you how things work at the low level.
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    @junon Came here to say pretty much this.

    Dive in!
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    Learning such language will always give you a solid appreciation for everything else that you dive into. My recommendation as well as @junon is to get to C first. The C programming Book y K&R is solid as all hell. If you feel that it might be too complex (not CS beginner friendly imho) then I recommend C programming absolute beginners guide by Greg Perry. It won't cover a lot of people things, but I consider it a friendly beginners book.

    After that I really liked Jumping into C++ by Allex Allain. That book has no mercy, it has you coding a tic tac toe implementation (cli based) from the earliest stages on the book when all you have is enums, basic logic, basic variable creation and arrays, which is a fun beginner challenge.

    As a whole, what do you want to do with C++? If you want to use it in the context of videos, check up this dude in youtube: The Cherno. Solid af, and great production level, its a steal, that course feels like it should cost but he makes his stuff entirely free
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    @AleCx04 ++ for "the cherno" best c++tutorials I have seen
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    @pythonPlusPlus they are so legit it is not even funny. That man has gone the mile for his content and I would let everyone know about him as much as I can. His knowledge of the entire development process is just out of this world.

    I really love the dude and hope to be able to thank him face to face for his content one day.

    But he is Australian and Australia scares me.
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    @AleCx04 thanks for suggesting The Cherno. He's brilliant/ Currently hooked.
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    > you will never fully master C++

    I did wonder why after 35 years I'm still struggling with it !
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    @Nanos Thank you guys. Really!!
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