You useless piece of shit. I'm here drowning in tickets and you keep using me as your personal debugger. I don't mind helping but the way you frame everything as something I left off and therefore, I should fix it, makes me not want to. I completed the code, the unit tests, the review points, fucking EVERYTHING before I left. All you had to do was create a deployment branch and merge it there when it's time to deploy. That's all.

But no, the first day I came back from vacation, you pester me with "this isn't working, blah blah blah". Did you see the pipeline? Successful, right? What about the production deployment? It passed all the reviews, the tests in all environments and no issues were reported but somehow, it's not working? It took me just a few seconds looking at your shit to figure out that you didn't even merge it, meaning you didn't follow the deployment process and waited for me to come back to submit the fucking MR for a task that's already complete but was just assigned for you to deploy. Bitch, what did you even do?

You copy/paste shit from the internet and don't even bother figuring out how they work. When they don't magically work and you get an error, you send it to me. Even when I give you the commands, if it needs the tiniest amount of tweaking, you just give up and send it back to me. What I fucking hate the most is how you phrase it in a way that it's not working because of me. It's like the new year came and you decided to be an asshole.

I'm not helping you anymore, you cunt. I have bigger issues and you already wasted the first day of my week. All your issues are one search away. I'm not reading your messages and you can tell everyone that you're not having any progress because I'm not helping you and I will gladly take those tickets from you.

I usually cringe when someone rants about a senior not knowing something because I believe that this field is pretty vast and you can't know every single thing but man, your attitude isn't even something I would like in a junior developer. You have the ego of a senior but none of the skills. How did you even get here when you couldn't figure things out yourself?

I find it so funny because when the good senior engineer who finds you disappointing started giving you development tasks, it became more clear that you really don't know what you're talking about when you rush me. Look how the tables turned, you even have the easiest tickets and yet, here you are flailing like a motherfucka.

Figure it out yourself. Fuck you.

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    I feel this to the core, can I buy you a virtual beer? in hopes that i get to hug you and buy you a beer in real life someday??
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    @AleCx04 Yes, papi. I accept drugs too.
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    Sadly, overconfidence and arrogance can get some people just as far as others can go with ability and work ethic.

    I just stay away from those people as much as possible. Make sure I'm constantly busy with my own tasks so I can't help them with theirs, or at worst budget no more than an hour or so every few days and make sure that time is logged. Then you can honestly say to management "I've given this guy hours of help a week for the last few months, he needs to learn to work independently."

    One thing when a junior does this, but no excuse from a senior. A large part of being a senior is at least *trying* to figure this stuff out on your own if you don't know it.
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    You did fuck everything before you left. 😂
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    > You useless piece of shit
    no, u.
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    "time logged"

    And after it, you have a PM saying that you are increase the "effort" of that ticket by adding the 1h you spent explaining and resolve his issue. The 7h he spent doesn't matter.
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    Be a grownup and take that shit like a man. ;)
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    Excellent rant!!
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    The biggest surprise is when he said this monkey is a senior. Before that it sounded like he had one of those interns I’ve read about who don’t do shit and pass the bomb to the senior when their code crashes bc he’s supposed to reach out for me dude
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    Woow. Awesome. Stand your ground to these seniors. There are people passing around as seniors bit they are not. They may have been once, but they allowed time to eat them and comfort to weaken them. Or they are just good with the CEO. Dont you worry, there are not much of the likes
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