That co-worker that erases all of your changes if there's a merge conflict.
Fuck you too buddy.

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    WTF people usually fixes merge conflicts
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    There has been 1 or 2 times where I accidentally removed my coworker's merge fixes. I told him right away and sat on a call to put it back. It was my fault
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    Especially when you did code in an attempt to make things better for him and his friends 😆 not familiar in any way.

    Damn you Vietnamese guy I've never seen before
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    The problem with git is that far too few developers take the time to understand the value proposition.

    Turning git into a Last-In-Wins system is a common example.
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    I don't see how that is even possible: your merge would be refused due to failing tests in the pipeline. You guys have tests right? Right??
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    @SuspiciousBug there are tests (that i insisted on adding), but it's not part of the pipeline yet so you have to run them by yourself. Project is still new but I'll be looking at that once I finish a couple other features.
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    @SuspiciousBug forgot to mention that the merge deleted most of my tests anyway lol
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    @SuspiciousBug in my case it was UI (xaml) related, and even if i would have written tests, i bet they would have been commented out too 😂
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    Yep happen to me too..
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    Sometimes erasing it just doesn't cut it. It should burn the author writting stupid code.
    Not saying yours was bad. But you know... when you see that no thought went into it and it's just wrong no matter how you analyse it.
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