Someone ask this guy to learn Git!

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    A e s t h e t i c s
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    I still do it with SVN as primary
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    You must be kidding. But then, it depends on how small the project is. If it's really quite small, git can be overkill.
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    The aestetics goes away when you recognize that the most recent version has the largest amount of underscores... except for the version with 0 underscores 😫
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    It would be more consistent to add an underscore to each of all files and treat more underscores as "older"
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    @trollonaboat git can never be overkill :)
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    @trollonaboat nope, it's possible to use git in a manner that minimize the added complexity, yet the pros are worthy
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    Never seen this one before! Granted, I'm guilty of dropping a couple underscores at the beginning of a folder name to get an old version of a project out of the way if I'm not ready to do away with the old stuff yet...
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    Mixing dev and ASCII art 🙄
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    @trollonaboat come on... Git is never an overkill
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