I'm debugging a script...

It takes 1+ minute to start because it loads data from remote API and apparently loading 80k objects takes a lot of time, even though I need only headers

I could optimize it. Like, add a local cache. But I will not.

Instead I will waste 1 minute, then another minute, then another minute, each time hoping it's the last pass, but no. I will waste the whole day on it and at the end of the day I will still NOT have the slightest idea why it is slow. That is what will happen, I predict it.

Good times

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    Maybe it's slow because it has to load those 80k objects every time from the api?
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    "Developer time is more valuable than CPU time"? There's only 1.44k minutes in a day, you know... 60 in one hour. 480 in a working day. And a full minute to start an application, I've made scripts do entire network overhauls in less than that...
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