If I could I just wouldn't support email in any way shape anymore.

It's just too much hassle with all the spam filters and people just don't understand how email works.

Nobody fucking reads it anyway.... but everyone wants like a bazillion variations on stupid emails that go out that nobody will read.

They don't get that email is often instant ... but is actually async.

They don't understand that just because they got an email sent to their own distribution list ... and someone took them off the list... that doesn't mean that WE an outside group emailing that list stopped sending them messages.

Nobody actually looks at their spam filters until I tell them to do it for the 3rd time. And as if by magic folks at the same company don't 'have spam filter problems all the time'.

I had a company 'security' filter that straight up followed all the links in an email (that's fine ... we're good, I get that).... and then their stupid bot or whatever would actually click options on a form and fucking submit the fucking form!!!!!

I mean I get that maybe some sites have folks submit some shit and then deliver malware but that's gonna have consequences submitting shit none the less because I don't know it's just your fucking bot...

So they'd get various offers from our customers and bitch when they went to find it was already gone.

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    Email is a beautiful protocol. It's flexible enough that I can send you a letter from my phone with termux from a made up address and no additional device beside your server is needed, and efficient enough that we can send mass letters across the world. It's a pity users are too stupid for it.
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    Indeed. It is a super flexible tool. We humans just suck at it.

    Well ... it would be nice if the standard for HTML and CSS would update ... to something a bit more recent.
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    Email is still super nice once you do more than just chatting on a smartphone. Like, working professionally.
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    I use email since before i even had the ability to use SMS or any other messaging method except straight up phone calls. It saw dozens of messenger services getting born and then dying again.
    I got myself my own domain early on and never had to change my email address since then.

    You can say a lot about email - but it really has a few very important properties nothing else offers:
    It is vendor independent (so there is no "can't use it in the countries which the USA are in a trade war with").
    It came first and therefore everyone already has an account and is therefore reachable.
    It has decades of experience in dealing with the SPAM problem using multiple layers of defense (including local filters at the end user's client). So SPAM isn't actually that much of a deal for the end user today.

    Email really only lacks on the privacy side. But at least you can easily layer real end-to-end crypto on top of it.
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    @N00bPancakes blame Microsoft for that.

    Before outlook 2007 html support was very good, but with 2007 they switched from ie to word as rendering engine for reasons to long to explain here but security and corporate leaders was part of it, and word could not handle a lot of what html could so they just broke that.

    Snd since outlook was do prevalent, other clients started to follow.
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