When will managers understand that there is a huge difference between a UX designer and a graphical designer?!

FML. The time wasted trying to explain that the proposed GUI is rubbish because they put a graphical designer in charge of planning the entire application flow..

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    When will designers start learning wtf any of the X's are 🤷‍♂️
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    Yes! This! Over here its the opposite, also frustrating. they refuse to see ui and ux design apart, and use ux for everything, also for hiring the guy. 😔 So our applications are practical, but are ugly AF because the ux guy does not create works of art, just rough sketches, leaving implementation up to the devs. Sigh.
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    @jkommeren Still better than a spectacular ornament that doesn't do its job.
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    @homo-lorens ornaments look better on your resume though 😁

    Of course you're right, the customer wins in the case one has to be picked and that is the ux one. Still, i imagine with the right student and minimal effort, we could lift the looks from a 6 to an 8 or 9 and even save on dev time/clashes because everyone thinks they know best when it comes to looks. Everything is templated and ready to go, should be easy to fine-tune those

    And with our systems selling for 6 figures, I figure it's worth investing in.
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