C- let's See
C is a procedurally developed language follows sequential method of solving a problem.
If a teacher of an Institute teaching various subjects, Maths, English, Science and History.
Case1.One student comes and asks teacher to teach English
and next student to teach Maths,
And the other to teach History.
Case2.Next students comes for English
Case3.Other one for History.

So what I understood regarding C is procedural language is
It completes first case1,next case2, and then case3. (Task after task)
Here English is taught 2 times seperate
And History too 2 times separately making time and process complexity.

C is a platform based high level language support only desired platform. If I program in windows with i3 processor , it runs only on the same OS and Processor, if code is run in other computers.
Single threaded, if a code is interrupted in between, stops there and doesn't allow other part of the code to run.

In this if the same above cases encountered then and tell
Computer to create a Class of English and tell all the students to attend the class(time saving, No complexity and not repetitive)
Same way Creating History class and make all students attend the class at once.
Students may be the objects created.
Multi threaded language, if a task is interrupted following code cannot be stopped. Allows other part of thecode to run.

JVM- Java virtual machine allows Java code into signs that can be understood by computer. Where as C converts into binary code.

A class concept added to C language become C++

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    No, procedural means that you can break up the code into procedures (also called functions by C programmers, but "procedure" or "subroutine" is a better term). It's to distinguish it from machine code where you just have one big block of code. C's ability to divide things up into logical blocks of code with a well defined interface makes it a big step over machine code (of course it wasn't the first procedural language).

    Doing things one after the other just makes your code sequential. The opposite of that is not defining an order in which things have to be done, which is called concurrent.

    Actually compiled C programs can run on any machine with the same OS (technically, ABI, but whatever) and a processor with the same instruction set architecture, like x86. To a first approximation, code that you compile on say linux on an i3 will run on i5, i7, Xeons, Ryzens, Epyc, etc. because they all share the same ISA (called x86-64). This is a feature enforced by the ISA and is the reason it exists in the first place. It breaks down if your code does processor specific things, like extensions like AVX2 which aren't available on every processor which implements x86-64.

    Multithreading isn't something only Java can do, C does it as well by using the OS' threading functionality. What do you think Java threads run on? Most JVMs are written in C/C++, so it has to be multithreaded.

    The Java compiler turns Java code into Java bytecode (not "signs"), it's a language understood by the Java virtual machine (JVM), which executes it. Actually most JVMs do also translate bytecode into raw machine code via just in time compilation (and ahead of time too) for extra speed.

    C++ is not just C with classes, it's a much richer system with features like references, move semantics, templates and template metaprogramming, compile time expressions etc.

    Also this is probably a "question" or "random", not a "rant". Please use accurate categories, makes things easier for everyone.
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    @RememberMe thank you, most of the terms you used are new to me, understood there will be a lot more to be explored.
    As am in starting stage of learning and new to devRant,I have posted story what have I understood to my level of explanation.
    In Hasslefree Java learning, what can be concepts should I start to learn first to get a good grip on Java and further.
    Your suggestion could be helpful to me,
    Thank you😊
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    @SanthuLavri just look up whatever you didn't understand on Google or whichever search engine you use
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