I am so tired of dealing with incompetence in every area of my life here. Everyone is fucking up all at the same time and I'm getting stressed out to the point of sickness because of it. I ranted about my colleague who used me as his personal debugger. Areas outside of work fucking sucks too.

My aircon keeps leaking. I had it cleaned up several times before. Repair crew said it needed to be cleaned up more frequently since I started working from home. Okay, fine. Eventually, the board below it had to be replaced due to water damage. Same shit all over again and eventually, the unit had to be repaired. After said repair, it started leaking again a few days later. I am sick and it's hot as ever here.

My orthodontist is clumsy. Every time I had to go to her for readjusment, her hands would slip and hit my lips, teeth, and jaw. Cut out rubber would sometimes hit my face. Just the way she fucking moves is so careless and she's the only certified ortho here. She would say sorry but it happened so many times in every session that I don't think it's normal. Yesterday, she replaced the wire and just a few minutes later, it fell off. She only asked me if I can feel something stabbing my cheek, I said no because there is none. Apparenlty, she didn't check if the wire is loose. Something I cannot see for myself but on my next visits, I'll have to remind her of her job.

I am so tired. I am sick right now and had to deal with all this shit. I tried to be patient but at this point, I feel taken advantage of for that. I try to deal with these people in a civil manner and not be a Karen but at this point, I don't think they'll take me seriously unless I'm already angry and I absolutely hate being angry. Anger is exhausting to me and hard to control when I get to the point of rage. I am asking for the workers to repair my aircon for free because they didn't fix it the first few times or else I'm gonna file a complaint. If they fucking say no, god bless their soul because I will end them.

Why are people like this? Do you get off making others suffer for your incompetence? When you fuck up so many times, don't you ever think "Hey, maybe I should do better." I am extremely stressed out. I woke up sick and didn't get shit done. That alone makes me feel guilty and want to make up for it. How about these fuckers? I don't want to care anymore. I don't want to be angry anymore but this place is so hopeless and I've had too many experience of this that I'm starting to get off on the idea of it burning to the ground like it's supposed to. Erased from the map and forgotten.

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    "Repair crew said it needed to be cleaned up more frequently since I started working from home"

    I'm no AC expert, but that sounds like BS to me. Any condensate should be discharged via a drain or condensate line, it shouldn't just leak and need to be cleared up more frequently all the time.

    In general, the problem is if there's no competition then there's no standards. If there's no other ortho's in your area then she's no drive to improve - she can be as crap as she likes and people will keep going back. If the AC people are your only sensible choice, same applies to them too.

    Clearly this applies to developers too. The only sane course of action must therefore be to.. silently dispatch any devs in a 100 mile radius, then you can be as crap as you like while raking in the bucks 🙃

    Of course, that'd never work in practice. You and I would both feel way too guilty about that.

    ...about being crap devs, I mean. Not dispatching the existing ones 😉
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    I don't understand how people can just be so careless in order to fuck up in a way that affects other people and still not want to improve. Like, how can they live knowing they're an inconvenience to other people? That they do nothing besides get in other people's way? I hate that kind of people.

    Why don't you change jobs and move? You seem to be living in a small city and, if memory serves right, you once said you like big cities. The shitty job is all the more reason to move.
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    @AlmondSauce Can we dispatch them anyway? Sounds kinda fun.
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    @neeno The opposite - I live in a big city and I prefer a smaller town. I think I've reached the best possible life I can have here. Now I'm thinking about moving to a different country where these kinds of things don't happen as often.
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    @rutee07 Sure. Come to the UK. We have covid.

    ...wait, this is why I'm not in sales.
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    What was a "normal" amount of ineptitude, which was already astounding was magnified ten fold by the election of a retarded demagogue and the requirement of his followers to completely abandon reality to pledge fealty.

    Stupid won 4 years ago, stupid was emboldened and embraced for 4 years. Stupid is not tearing down the very foundations of our way of life, and literally crazily climbing the walls of the pillars of democracy.

    Is it really any wonder then that without anything to stand for, people now stand for nothing at all?

    The social contract is broken, people work for less money and no security. These same people have their own bias used against them and blame minorities instead of their masters.

    The easy lie is STRONGER than the hard truth.

    Ignorance is strength.
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    Settling for mediocrity is the way of life.

    Expecting anything else is just fool's genie wish.

    Saying "fuck it" and sipping on some hot coco is this poor man's fix for the same.
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    This is some pathetic self pity shit. You don't want to be angry or rude to ppl who step all over you? It takes too much energy? So yeah eventually you will burst into a killing spree. Devrant ain't the help you're looking for.
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    @AtuM Didn't I say I'm gonna file a complaint? What kind of dealing do you want?
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    @AtuM Also, this place is for ranting, not a magical genie to help you solve your problems but if you really want to push it then yes, ranting here helps me blow off some steam. I don't understand people like you who complain about others ranting here. That's literally what the site is for. It's also tagged as random so what the fuck are complaing about?
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    @rutee07 Man, I'm just a scared little mouse who wouldn't want to meet you when/if you blow your fuse. Rant away, sure. I do get where that rant came from too. Just don't want to see you lose yourself in self pity, so I ranted on your rant. What I really ment was "Take action sooner rather than later."✌
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    @AtuM Thanks for the concern and advice.
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