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    Ask, and when they deny it, ask again (after a reasonable point of waiting). Usually bonus points if you ask after shipping something large.

    But first, brush up your resume and start searching. A good percent of raises include leverage.

    And as always, ask for more than you want. Best case you get it, worst case you're negotiated down to what you really wanted.

    Lastly, take any advice you receive from the internet or colleagues with a grain of salt (yes, including mine). Trust your gut and read the room; not all tactics work, and it largely depends on your specific situation, the person you're asking, and your relationship with the company. Do what you think is right.
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    Leverage and taking counteroffers comes with its own set of drawbacks. Read a rant about getting demotion and a pay raise on my profile
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    @araratas Yes, hence my very last paragraph. :)
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    @junon thanks for the advice :) For now I'm thinking if I pass that certification they want us to take it might make my resume look better also outside so I'm hoping to get that done next month. My lead already knows I want a promotion which understandanbly should also mean a pay raise. I'm crossing fingers I make their list.
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    @iamai Well good luck to you, keep us posted!
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