- Finish all my projects
- Find a job that pays 9 figures
- Cure Cancer
- Refrain from drinking 20 red bulls/per minute
- Own a planet

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    This escalated quickly.
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    The new year goals of a hive mind
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    Finish all dev projects seems to be a bit too ambitious, don’t you think ?
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    Starting with the little things huh?
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    There's plenty of planets out there, so good luck I can't imagine anyone else staking a claim, unless you mean this particular planet.
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    You can do all these things in Stellaris. You should play Stellaris.
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    Cure cancer seams reasonable, but finish all your projects? That's just too much expectations 😃
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    @dder I agree I was hesitant to add that to my list.
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    About owning a planet, maybe you can learn from that woman that claimed ownership of the sun a few years ago.
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