Which key would, or did you choose?

Cherry MX red, brown, blue, green, clear, black, silent red, silver, or Zealio 67g?

I'm deciding for my custom keyboard. Big decision to make. It's not going to be cheap. Just looking for some feedback.

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    I like browns, they don't make that much noise and are very comfortable to type and game on.

    I have another keyboard with blues and they're not the best for gaming (they're also too noisy for my taste). However, I never type any text with that keyboard because it's a one-hand keyboard, so I can't say for typing experience.
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    My personal favorite is the blue, the tactile keypress is really nice, it makes for a nice typing experience, and I personally like the clickyness.

    However, I don’t do much gaming, but I’ve heard the blues aren’t great for that
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    Red and/or brown. They're relatively quiet and good for fast key presses (gaming etc.) and don't strain my hands after hours of work.
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    Browns or similar tactile. I actually like low profile ones, but those are rarer
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    The best switches are the ones that aren't there.

    When it comes to strain and sound, nothing can beat the common membrane-with-rubberdome-on-top keyboard:
    It offers a healthy mix of silence and tactile feedback while lasting decades and being obscenely cheap to make.
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    My next board will be hot swappable to try Zilents and Pandas. MX Speed Silver are currently my goto because of the short travel needed but they are linear and I miss the feedback of tactile switches.
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    Having recently changed from an old keyboard to a new keyboard I can offer some insights into keyboard design.

    The cons of the new keyboard over the old:

    Key font is too small to easily read..

    Key font is some odd hard to read typeface..

    The default keyboard angle and height are not the same as the previous keyboard and I think are giving me RSI issues..

    The keys feel delicate..

    The firmware is shit..

    The backlights are already wearing out..

    The is no skirt around the edge of the keyboard.

    The light leaks out of the back of the keys.

    The left-handed number pad is not a mirror image !

    Pro's of the new keyboard:

    It has a volume scroll wheel above the numberpad.

    It's USB. ( Occasionally stops working.. whilst my PS/2 keyboard never did that ! )

    It's got backlite keys.

    It's got a lefthanded numberpad, which helps reduce RSI in my right hand.

    But then moves the issue to my left hand...

    Obviously, I need a foot operated numberpad...
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    Green cherries
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    I went for brown switches because I liked the feeling and they are not as loud as the blues.
    Also, because of that choice my gf did not kill me yet. So it was a wise choice.
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    Blue. They feel masculine.
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    Personally prefer Cherry MX browns
    Though to be fair, I haven't tried other switches for any longer time period
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    Better try them yourself before making the investment. No one can tell what you would like the best.

    @Oktokolo when your troll post is so masterful that no one understands what you're doing
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    @Oktokolo tactility of membrane... Are you serious?
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    While the rubberdomes are pretty soft and shock dampening (both ergonomic advantages), they still offer a distinct initial resistance before the key starts moving.
    And when that light resistance has been overcome, the inertia of the finger itself is enough to drive the key fully down (at non-sloth typing speeds).

    Of course they are more subtle (there definitely is no hard click to feel or hear) than switches. But they do offer some tactile feedback.
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    @Oktokolo if anything, rubber domes are much more stiff than any switches I've tried. It's just harder to type
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    @electrineer I have the 9-key tester. It is helpful, but it's still questionable how it would feel typing on entire keyboard made up of each key type.
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