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I'm pretty sure flutter is going to drop the app prices due to how it's easy to build a ui.

What ia going to keep their price high is a good and innovative graphic design

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    Never used Flutter, so forgive me for asking, but what is it about Flutter that isn't free?
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    @jespersh what do you even mean by that?
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    Meh. Don't think so. The real apps still need the real programmers. Don't worry about it. Upgrade skills and do the real interesting stuff
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    @jespersh wait what? With Flutter is easy as fuck to build a simple nice UI. While learning it itlitterally took me 8 hours to build a simple but good looking ui just using the official docs.

    Also Flutter is entierly free
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    @rooter still not sure about this. Imo what will be more rewarded will be a good and innovative design rather than the "code" itself.

    Still, I saw many people on feverr complaining about pseudo-flutter devs that were able to mess their project even using such tool...
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    @dmonkey can flutter really do the magic business code? Are the apps really something new or kinda all the same?

    I have no idea but I doubt. Low effort stuff always has a cost somewhere
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    @100110111 I think he read the rant as "Flutter's price will drop"
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