Why windows ......

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    BSD vs NT
    The former is kin.
    The latter is awful.
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    And people like me having used linux since 2.2 days and Mac for some years and Windows since 98 just sitting here thinking all the groups should get off their high horse and accept they all have their flaws and place in this world.
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    Friendship with Windows ended.
    Embrace Raspbian.
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    One reason is that Windows ist just more popular.

    The other reason is that mac is much more similar to Linux.
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    I can give you another few besides BSD based.
    Often forced to use Windows not so much OSX (and the one I know hates OSX).
    MS actively attacked Linux in the past.
    Windows software installation and update mechanism is inferior compared to Linux/OSX (covers most of the complaints about Windows).

    There are some hardcore freedom fighters on Linux. Recently Windows has become the opposite of freedom with commercials and pushed apps.
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    @jespersh completely agree with you that is why I hate being forced to use Windows at work. Sure WSL2 makes it a lot better but we dev only on Linux containers and the GUI of the test suite requires half a Linux desktop installation. Why the fuck not just use Linux and forgo all the incompatibility issues and overhead.

    I want dual boot actually because there are some things that just run way better on Windows.
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    @Lensflare depends on what you count. As Desktop hell yeah. As server/appliance/embedded device hell no.
    I'm willing to bet that on average people have more Linux devices than Windows.

    Philips hue (and other domotica)
    Smart thermostat
    Home NAS

    Linux has invaded everything except the desktop and shares mobile with IOS
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