Dude, stop trying to cram your crappy open source library into all our projects. No-one uses it, it's buggy as hell, and even if it did work properly, it adds virtually zero advantages.

Seriously, if you Google this library, the results are: a blog post this guy has written about it saying it's awesome, the same guy answering people's questions on Reddit by saying that all their problems would be solved by using his library, and someone else raising an issue saying it doesn't work 🤦‍♀️

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    I can understand why you wouldn't want to say it, but I'm very interested in which project you're referring to lol.
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    This probably like the first time I was handed my current project (more than a year ago), which is a React Native project

    The developer at the time (from a third party vendor, I'm the first in-house developer they hired) used an overcomplicated "boilerplate" which to my surprise, was something his acquaintance had written (presumably in conjuction with him)

    It was definitely not something suitable for production, and upon closer inspection, more like a fun project made by someone who just started learning about RN (which was true, at least for the vendor developer, there's separate shitshow regarding this on different occassion)

    Luckily the cto is kind enough to give me full control of the project, I was able to put the vendor aside and rewrite everything, the project hasn't gone too far so it only took me around a sprint (2 weeks)
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    Please give us a hint how to find it
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    @nitwhiz It's obscure enough that I really couldn't I'm afraid. Haven't found any other terms that will vaguely point to it.
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    Is it amazon amplify? 🤣
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