Yes I'm a shithead but don't use a slur on me and you won't have me insulting you for the next two hours. It's really not complicated. Who knew using the term "retarded" could lead to interpersonal conflict /s

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    Someone called you retarded, you mean?

    Was this in a professional setting?
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    Idk calling someone that is pretty retarded. /s
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    But seriously, there's plenty of slurs that refer to socially unacceptable behavior rather than disability, I don't find it particularly hard to insult people in a PC way.
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    @junon It was @aviophile (and I don't think he even called him retarded...)

    Be gentle, he doesn't know how the interwebz works
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    Ah. That user is using slur after slur without understanding what any of them mean, kind of in a blind rage at the moment.

    Just ignore them, nothing they're saying right now makes much sense anyway. Anyone that resorts to name calling in a discussion clearly doesn't have a good argument or fails the ability to community properly anyway.
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    I called your opinion retarded and for next two hours, ate delicious salmon thanks to taxpayers.
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    do you literally have nothing better to do
    shrug it off, go outside
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    Your reaction is overblown. Deserves an "offensive/spam" marking.
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