Today my JetBrains student license expires. Moving to VSC from WebStorm. Any suggestions?

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    Get that licence renewed :) student licence is [at least used to be] renewable. Even after you finish studies - you get a 20% discount for a personal lic
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    @netikras yep, it's renewable. I renewed mine last year, it just required me to go back in and type my uni email in the box and i was good to go
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    @Elyz Yeah i was suprised that i could just renew it like that without any bullshit. Sadly its my last year as student so my free license will be gone in a couple of months :(
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    I graduated almost six years ago but I still have my student license because I still have access to my .edu email address.

    I don't really use it, especially not professionally, but it still works for personal projects.
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    Get some addons and you are ready to go, VSCode works pretty damn well with TypeScript :)
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    Start an open source project, gain some traction with it and then get the license for free 😉
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    @netikras thanks!
    I got it renewed and it works like a "charm"!
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    Yeah, don't do it. Best advice I could give you.

    JetBrains is legitimately great software, despite some hiccups. VSC is a dumpster fire comparatively.
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