I hate this year already.

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    Sometimes, it's not just a bad year, it could be a bad life.
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    very motivational of you @theabbie 😏 thank you
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    @ruttee07 how's your hydroponic garden doing?
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    @heyheni I decided to unplug the air pump after a few harvests, just in time for a typhoon to destroy them. Now I ordered some items to setup an indoor aeroponics system.
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    What's going on? You alright?
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    Me too, hen. Me too.
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    @AlmondSauce Yeah, it's just raining stress and fuck-ups these days. Maybe it will get better soon.
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    I mean, I feel like, 2020 has fucked up with our brains. And for a long time, we are going to be in “2020 fatigue”. The things that were bad before seem worse now because we have been through a lot last year. It might take years for us to come out of this mental fatigue. 2021 is going to take the worst hit even if it actually turns out to be an average year. Our emotions are heightened and all over the place right now.
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    Yeah fuck it. The only thing worst than this year, is all the motivational bullshit.
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    I feel like at this point we should all just head over to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over.
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    Here people choose your drinks. Drown those sorrow and worries away.

    The Universe can send us fuck up shit like it always does and we can choose to fuck our way out like we always do😎

    *sips iced coffee*
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    @iamai I don't see poison in the menu but I see tap water, I'll have some of those. Thanks.
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    @rutee07 Depends on the country, but in some tap water and poison is basically the same.
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