Learn more about networking, revisit computer science fundamentals, memorise agile frameworks, practice DDD properly, learn about basic property and conveyancing law for my new job, get through 1 tech book every 2 weeks, revisit Linux as it's been a long time, learn the basics of developing and deploying with azure, learn terraform and docker, finally finish building my own product that has been going for 3 years now, continue learning about mobile development and build a mobile app for my new product.

Should be fine xD

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    Why Azure?
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    @100110111 I hear a lot in .bet shops that azure is their first choice because they are a Microsoft tech stack. No other reason honestly, just figure changing jobs will become harder otherwise.
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    @craig939393 oh well, makes sense. Lot of M$ shops opt for Azure for obvious reasons. Doesn’t mean e.g. AWS would be any worse a choice for dotnet applications. But if you’re oogling M$ shop jobs, learn your Azure by all means. The knowledge will come in handy.
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