Ok. First off, This is a meta post and I'm not targeting individuals. So if you think I made fun of you, know that that I don't give a shit about you specifically but the way the platform is working.

Rant start ~~~

I'll cut to the chase and say it. devRant newbies are certainly coming in from r/programmerhumor. The amount of newbie posts I've seen falling into shit-tier memes makes me gag.

I do get the concept of making light-hearted jokes every now and then and I can indulge in it and I've tried to for a long time, but this is getting on my nerves now. There are people with over a 100++s still posting the same low-effort copy-pasted shite. Get over it please. You already have your 10++s to create an avatar. Stop bloating this place with *joke/meme* that can be rated as my left amputated leg out of ten.

I remember when I was new and I immediately found an *oomf* to devRant like three months ago. Just a few people venting their shit (which still exists among groups of certain people) but new people won't have an idea or that *a-ha* moment and that saddens me.

Rant over ~~~

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